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Professional Face Paint

Repeat after me, acrylic paint is not a substitute for face paint! As a professional face painter and body artist I only use professional, skin safe face paint.

Pictured: Mehron Paradise AQ 30 color palette

If you don't hire me for your party or event, please at the very least make sure whoever you hire or if you decide to do it yourself, get professional face paint! You won't have to worry about horrible skin reactions and the results will be way better than any acrylic or kraft paint as professional face paint is just makeup. Since it is makeup, professional face paint is FDA approved. This means it made with ingredients that are safe for use on the skin.

When you hire FUNtasy Face Painting for your event, we not only bring the FUN to your event but you can rest assured that you and your guests' safety will be of paramount importance. We use only the best, skin safe, professional quality products.

Where to get professional face paint & supplies:

You can get professional face paint from businesses such as Silly Farm,, Jest Paint and many more.

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