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Terms & Conditions

On the Day of the Event:

We will try to arrive 10 minutes early to your party or event. There are occasions that we may be running late due to other circumstances but we will always make sure we are ready to go on time. If necessary we will work slightly longer to make sure we cover the time we agreed on.


We will paint anyone attending the event, as long as they do not appear to be sick or have a skin infection. We will not paint anybody whom does not want to be painted. If a small child gets upset we will try our best to comfort and ease them into it, or paint a simple design on their arm or hand. We will not force anyone to be painted. Artist will use reasonable care, but is not responsible for damage to clothing or property. 



Please be aware of the time it takes to paint each face. Typically up to 12 faces per hour (normal designs) for parties and 20 (for simple designs) for events. Please note complex or detailed designs take significantly longer. If there are more faces than originally quoted for we will do our best to paint them all by only offering the quickest designs.


We often cannot go over the agreed time. This is due to other appointments on that day. If more guests arrive than expected and more time is needed than we can discuss with you whether we are available to stay longer. There will be a fee of $40.00 for every additional 30 minutes. This will be due in cash.


Artist will not supervise children:

It is not possible for the Artist to see children other than the child being painted. It is advisable to have an adult supervise the line. A sign up sheet or number system can be provided but, will need an adult to monitor and call the children for their turn. This will help speed up the process and ensure everyone gets a turn.


Photo Consent:

By having your Guests’ face painted and photographed, permission is thereby granted to use images for my portfolio; marketing materials such as print, website; or other publications. No names are ever revealed. If for any reason your guest, or you, does not agree, please let me know, and their privacy will be respected.



We use face painting products which are safe for the skin but, anyone can have an allergic type of reaction, or other accidents may happen. FUNtasy Face Painting is NOT responsible for any injuries, negligence, allergic reactions, or incidences caused by unruly behaviour by guests during a party. Client acknowledges that there are risks inherent with live entertainment. These include, but are not limited to, dangers from tripping over equipment, dangers from paint and paint brushes. The client assumes the liability for all such risks and agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless FUNtasy Face Painting against any and all accidents, claims, judgments, costs or liability for damage, and/or injury to any person or property during the event, including time of set up and take down, by guests and staff. Liability of Athena Sudbeck / FUNtasy Face Painting shall not exceed the total value of this agreement.

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